Why Sahara


Trade Agreements & Strategic Location

  • With Sahara you will benefit from Egypt’s preferential trade agreements with the European Union, the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa and with other Arab countries.
  • Egypt’s geographical position has made it a hub of world trade since ancient times. This location gives Sahara a preferential position as well as a significant time advantage to serve North Africa, Africa, The Middle East & Europe.
  • Sahara’s location within Egypt is merely twenty minutes away from Cairo International Airport and less than three hours away from Egypt’s major ports, resulting in efficient turnover and prompt delivery.


  • We have exported our printing material to more than 50 countries distributed over 5 continents.
  • Our track record of uncompromising quality, value and timely results has earned us the trust and confidence of leading players in the global media industry. Including publishers, advertising agencies and commercial designers in France, Sweden, The Netherlands, Germany, Belgium & the United Kingdom.  

Quality and Innovation

  • Sahara’s talented teams of over 300 employees are dedicated to the company’s fundamental values of quality and innovation.
  • Sahara focuses on introducing new concepts and techniques by using new coating types, special inks, and different types of paper.
  • Design and print jobs are subject to global quality standards and undergo regular control checks throughout production.
  • Our factory is ISO-9001 certified so you can rest assured that your project is being manufactured on the best equipment available.
  • We are proud to always have been regional leaders in printing technology, we were the first in Africa to install an 8 color printing machine and the first in Egypt to install CTP “computer to plate” technology.


  • Our multilingual customer service team will keep you “in the know” at all stages of the production process.
  • A Client service representative is assigned for each client and will assume responsibility for the job as it moves through each phase of the production process.
  • At Sahara, we believe in providing the client with up-to-the-minute status information. Moreover, we execute changes in a timely manner to ensure the success of the project and the satisfaction of our clients.
  • Every client service representative is fully trained to track and communicate the details that will ensure the quality of the product and guarantee clients satisfaction.

Growth and Capacity

  • Now occupying over 13,000 square meters Sahara’s factories are fully equipped and capable of accommodating all client requests, regardless of project size. To illustrate our capacity we produce more than 6,000,000 A4 prints and over 100,000 soft cover books a day.